16 Great Emergency Preparedness Bloggers, Authors, and Authorities

On March 20-21 we held a Food Insurance™ Summit in Dallas, Texas. We invited bloggers, authors, and authorities from the emergency preparedness community to attend the summit and we had a great turn out. We wanted to take some time and highlight each person that attended the summit and tell you a little about their websites. We think they are doing a great job in the online community educating and teaching people about how to become prepared for the unexpected events that take place in life.


Food Storage and Survival Logo
– Passion for preparedness would be a great way to describe the Food Storage and Survival website. Angela has been keeping her family prepared for the last decade and loves to share her trials and experiences on her website. She feels this is a great way for other people to learn all the things that she has learned over the years.

Back Door Survival Logo

BackdoorSurvival.com – Gaye Levy is the person behind backdoorsurvival.com. She utilizes her blog to educate people on survival and preparedness tips and tools that allow them to establish self-reliance. She teaches that this type of lifestyle can be achieved through optimism and thoughtful preparation.

Prepper Podcast Radio Network Logo

PrepperPodcast.com – James from the Prepper Podcast Radio Network has built up his website around educating people on how to survive the next disaster. The website is host to numerous preparedness podcasts from around the United States. It covers topics from survival to homesteading.

Tactical Intelligence Logo

TacticalIntelligence.net – Erich has done a great job building up his own community and educating people about survival, self-reliance , being prepared for an emergency, and personal security. He teaches that the more knowledge you obtain, the better prepared you will be in times of need.

ealth Survival Logo

StealthSurvival.blogspot.com – If you want to learn about the importance of being observant, staying informed about things changing in the world, and learning how to be prepared, then you need to check out the Stealth Survival blog. The site helps others that are concerned about their families and want to be prepared for any event that life throws at us.

Survival Common Sense Logo

SurvivalCommonSense.com – Leon Pantenburg runs Survival Common Sense. His goal is to provide people and families with the skills, knowledge and tools necessary to survive in case of an emergency or real disaster. He teaches the importance of being prepared and having a plan before something bad happens so that you know what to do if something does actually happen.

Off Grid Survival Logo

OffGridSurvival.com – Rob has built up a strong community with his education about survival. He believes that knowledge is the key to survival and teaches people survival skills, educates about survival gear, and teaches about establishing a plan for survival.

Survival Joe Logo

SurvivalJoe.net – Joe is just a regular dad that cares about his family. He wants to help people prepare their families physically, mentally, and spiritually for things that happen in life. His journey through life is similar to a lot of “Average Joe’s”, as he says, and he wants to help educate others in a similar situation so they can be prepared too.

Practical Preppers Logo

PracticalPreppers.com – Scott Hunt helps people become prepared in all aspects of preparedness, from food storage, to securing a water source, to having an alternative energy supply. His website is setup to help people figure out where they are at currently in their preparedness, and Scott helps people to come up with a plan to get people where they need to be.

Dooms Day Moose Logo

DoomsDayMoose.com – Shane is the one behind this website. He likes to give people tips and tricks on topics ranging for food storage to survival tips. He also helps people gain knowledge about the items that are necessary to have in a 72 hour kit in case of emergency.

Simply Canning Logo

SimplyCanning.com – Sharon has created her website to help people with their food storage. This includes all aspects of food preparation, from canned and pickled food to dehydrated and freeze-dried food. She teaches people how to establish a food storage even if you are brand new to doing so.

Waging War On Debt Logo

WagingWarOnDebt.com – Major Steve Sheridan runs this website and is also a published author. His book, Waging War On Debt, helps people gain control of their financial situation and get out of debt. He has helped thousands of military as well as civilian families through his seminars and personal finance coaching.

Common Sense Preparedness Logo

CSPDB.com – Common Sense preparedness was created by Tim Howard. He has been involved in disaster preparedness since 1985. His life experiences play a big role in he how he educates people through his website, his radio talk show, and the USA Emergency Broadcasting Network he has setup. His goal is to provide reliable information and education to the public.

Survival And Prosperity

SurvivalandProsperity.com – Chris Hill uses his website to help people learn more about personal and financial growth as well as safety. He has used his experience and expertise to create more than 1400 articles on his website that educate, provide opinions, and encourage discussion on financial and preparedness topics.

Nautical Prepper Book Image

WilliamESimpson.com – The book titled The Nautical Prepper was written by William E. Simpson. He has decades of experience with boating and sailing expeditions. The book discusses his experience in expedition sailing, preparedness, and living off the grid on the water and on uninhabited desert islands. His website discusses in more detail what his book is about and educates others from his experiences.

Solutions For Preparedness Logo

Solutionsforpreparedness.com – Barbara Salsbury is an expert in the emergency preparedness field. She has written numerous books on the subject and is a top authority on self-reliance in America. She has consulted numerous cities and food storage companies and is currently a consultant for the city of Sandy, Utah. Barbara has taught seminars, workshops, and been the keynote speaker for numerous conferences.

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