5 Bug-Out-Bag Items Pinners Forget

When doing a “do it yourself” project, Pinterest is a great place to find ideas.  It will help you think of  adding things you normally wouldn’t think of. There is a category that is dedicated to “preparedness” that has numerous ideas to help pinners get prepared. Bug-Out-Bags are a huge catch on Pinterest, and while we were going through some of the lists, we found five important items pinners shouldn’t forget to pack.

Duct Tape

Duct Tape should always be an item in your bug-out-bag or survival kit. There are so many things you can do with it. For example, if you happen to get a deep cut, you can use duct tape to form butterfly strips. Through Pinterest we found a great resource that teaches you how to make butterfly strips and several other medical uses, clothing hacks, or repairs with duct tape, click here to learn more.


Another item that is smart to have in your emergency kits, is tampons. It sounds crazy, but there are so many things a survivalist can do with a tampon. You can use it for a bandage, a water filter, fire tinder, straw filter, a wick for a candle, etc.  See more tampon uses we found on Pinterest.

Hair Ties

Surprisingly, I saw a reoccurring trend on Pinterest about hair ties being an item that people always needed and asked for after a disaster. It makes sense. Not only are they used for keeping longer hair out of the face, they can be used to keep other items bundled and organized. For example, bundle sticks together to start a teepee fire. Now there wasn’t a specific article or pin stating all the uses a hair tie could be used for, but there was a pin that mentions hair ties and has had several other items people should hoard in case of an emergency that would be useful to know, it can be found here.


You shouldn’t ever throwaway pantyhose. They can be useful for numerous things. They are such a versatile item that it will take your survival supplies to the next level. They keep you warm, prevent blisters, filter water, grow plants, store small supplies or food, and can catch your next meal. Urban Survival Pintrest board lists has 20 different uses for pantyhose, click here to learn more.


Not only is this item used to color, it can be used for other things such as, keeping the kids entertained, writing messages to others, and you can also burn them for a light source. Burning one crayon lasts for about 30 minutes.  See the amazing things you can learn from Pintrest!   To learn more, click here.

For more ideas, or to share a few of your own, follow Food Insurance on Pintrest.

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