A Good Reason to Join Our Preparedness Club Today!

Have you had the opportunity to join our Preparedness Club yet? If not, we would encourage you to do so to take advantage of a wide variety of benefits. We’ll get to those in a second. First, though, we would like to announce the launch of a new contest for those who sign up to become a free member of our Preparedness Club. New registrants will be in the running to receive a free Premium 2-Week Bug-Out Bag valued at $269.99.

The Premium 2-Week Bug-Out Bag is an invaluable resource in the event that you’re in the dark and out of reach from help for a short time. It comes with a two-week, 3 meals per day supply of our delicious food, a cooking tin, a first aid kit, an all-in-one emergency tool, a flashlight/radio combo, waterproof matches, dusk masks, and more. It is the perfect addition for peace of mind in the event of an emergency. You can register for the Preparedness Club here.

Moreover, Preparedness Clubs are entitled to a wide number of different perks. Benefits include

  • Free samples of new products;
  • Frequent blog updates for the latest news and events as well as new promotions and product highlights;
  • Rewards for referrals;
  • Special promotions and discounts exclusive to Preparedness Club members;
  • Opportunities for product demonstrations;
  • And a free Preparedness Guide for signing up.

Sounds good?¬† We think so. However, there isn’t much time. The contest will run from 7/7/2014 to 7/21/2014, so we encourage you to register today. Rules about the contest can be found here. Join today and be part of a club that can help you prepare for any emergency that may lie ahead of you and your family.

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