Olympus Falls: As Detroit is, The U.S.A. May Become


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Many people take comfort in the fact that the United States is a super power.  They lean on the faith that this economy and this great nation will always be around to support them.  The sad truth is that this great nation could always survive if it weren’t for the degradation of our moral fiber. Because of our goodness and good will, we have grown into the world superpower.  But, now that we are the superpower, we are turning into a nation of entitlement and greed.

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Have you ever seen a movie where you feel like screaming at the characters for being such idiots?  If they had only…  they should have… if they had been a little more prepared… if they had only thought of…  There are literally thousands of movies that this applies to.  Most of the horrible situations characters in disaster movies find themselves in could have been prevented with a little preparedness and planning.  Here are our five preventable disaster favorites.


Sheltering in Place

Rainy days. Snowy days. Sunny days—as a child, every day was a good day to build a fort. Whether it was a blanket, box, or bush, forts were pretty much the best things ever. You would drag every toy, coloring book, and snack you had into your special citadel. Dangerous stuffed animal dragons, poisonous pillow rocks, and ferocious (teddy) bears were just a few of the deadly obstacles to overcome. Yet, under the cover of a paper-thin sheet, you felt safe, secure, and protected—for you had built an impenetrable, magical fortress. Continue reading “Sheltering in Place”

Emergency Survival Supplies You Need to Have

Natural disasters or other emergency situations cause fear and anxiety for many people, there is no need to feel this way if you are prepared. There are essential items that every household needs to have in order to get through the rough times. No matter where you live, disasters such as wildfires, tornadoes, hurricanes, floods, earthquakes, even a terrorist attack can happen. It is crucial to be prepared no matter where you are. No one can truly predict when and where a disaster may strike. So, here are the tools you will need to be self-sufficient during an emergency situation. Continue reading “Emergency Survival Supplies You Need to Have”

Survival Food: Preparation for an Emergency

Is your family prepared for an emergency? During a natural disaster, just about anything can happen. It is likely that you will lose power and gas, and depending on the severity, you could lose your home. Roads may be blocked, flooded or closed. If these conditions arise, how will you and your family survive? With the right basic survival tools, you can be prepared to survive just about any emergency situation.

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