Ten Items to Stock Up On

In an emergency, certain items become scarce. People aren’t going to be flocking to stores in search of luxury items; they will be hunting for basic survival needs (think Maslow’s hierarchy). Because many people don’t have a supply ready and expect the government to come to their aid, a chaotic situation may erupt in the aftermath of a disaster. Preparing now will ensure your family’s security in a time of crisis. Continue reading “Ten Items to Stock Up On”

Food Insurance Introduces Disaster Specific Kits

Food Insurance™ is continually looking for ways to help you prepare for whatever the future may hold. In recent months, we have seen an increased desire from you, our customers, for disaster specific emergency kits.  Based on your feedback, we have researched disaster recommendations from across the country and have created 5 new kits to help you prepare for disasters, which potentially could affect the area where you live.  To view potential disasters by region, click here. Continue reading “Food Insurance Introduces Disaster Specific Kits”


Having peace of mind doesn’t mean that you have to completely dwell on the fact that an emergency could potentially happen. It is important to keep things in perspective when preparing your family for the future.

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Are All Freeze-Dried Meats Created Equal?

There seems to be a lot of confusion in the emergency food market regarding the quality of products that appear to be comparable.  One common question is: are all freeze-dried meats created equal?  The simple answer to this is no.  Several companies have introduced freeze-dried meats that are full of fillers and preservatives; many times these are sold as  “pre-seasoned” freeze-dried meats.  These meats contain things like hydrogenated oils (shelf-stable fat), meat flavoring (flavor enhancement for poor grade meat), and  preservatives.  Quality freeze-dried meats do not require preservatives to obtain a 25-year shelf-life, but they do require proper packaging (Food Insurance™ has data supporting a 25-year shelf-life when meats are stored in a can, but does not have data supporting a 25-year shelf-life when meats are stored in pouches). Continue reading “Are All Freeze-Dried Meats Created Equal?”

Community Emergency Preparedness

The more people who are prepared when a disaster strikes, the better off everyone will be. Imagine living in a place where every single person had a well-stocked food storage supply, and enough survival gear to live comfortably for several months. If everyone was prepared during an emergency, grocery stores wouldn’t be bombarded, people wouldn’t be inclined to attack others, and the community would be able to pick itself back up quickly and efficiently. Continue reading “Community Emergency Preparedness”

Food Storage Tips for Beginners

In light of recent events, may people have felt the subtle urge to start preparing for the possibility of something affecting their food supply. Each individual has his or her own reason for preparing. It could be the threat of global warming, the possibility of a major economic downturn, a job loss, or a natural disaster. Whatever the concern may be, it never hurts to start preparing.

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