Can't Wait for Government Help

Food storage help is what many Americans now feel is important to them, because they want to be prepared for a disaster or emergency.

Disasters from extreme weather, emergencies caused by power outages and other problems, as well as the concern about terrorism have many Americans looking for food storage and emergency preparedness help and information. Their concerns are justified, based on the suffering that took place after recent weather-related problems all across the country.

The director of the American Civil Defense Association says every American needs to take action now to be prepared for an attack on this country. Something she says is inevitable, according to a recent news story in the Deseret Morning News.

“Deep inside, I do think something bad is going to happen,” said Sharon Parker, executive director of The American Civil Defense Association, as quoted in the news story. “I consider myself an optimist. I’m optimistic that something bad is going to happen and that I can survive it.”

Parker warns that Americans cannot count on the government for protection. She warns that individuals and families should be prepared for any type of disaster or emergency without expecting anything from the government.

Past disasters have illustrated the need to have plenty of supplies stored at home. It may be days before evacuations take place or help can arrive, and if large numbers of people are evacuated there might not be enough food at the shelters. The solution is for people to be self-sufficient, according to Augason.

“Most of the complaints from the hurricane Katrina evacuees centered around the long delay before they were evacuated, and the lack of food and supplies at the shelters. We need to prepare in advance so that if disaster strikes we will not be waiting in long lines of angry people for the government to feed us,” said Augason.

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