How Long Should my Food Storage Last?

All of us have been there before. The hour is late, the PJs are on, the lights are out, and the unmistakable pangs of hunger lead you to the kitchen for one last pre-bedtime snack. Upon surveying the scarce remnants of the fridge, you momentarily consider making a ketchup and mustard sandwich before finally deciding to finish off that last slice of week-old pizza, still sitting in the cardboard delivery box.
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10 Things to Consider When Facing a Job Loss

Preparing for emergencies like earthquakes, hurricanes and tornadoes seems pretty straightforward: Make sure you have food, water, safety shelter, and somewhere to go— just in case. But so often, it’s the emergencies of indoor life that creep up and scare us. Medical problems, family strife, and simple home maintenance issues can throw the monthly budget off its axis. Continue reading “10 Things to Consider When Facing a Job Loss”

Would You Actually Eat Your Food Storage?

When I was a little girl, the ecclesiastical leader of my local church extended a challenge to some of the families in the congregation. My family was chosen.

We were to only eat from our food storage for the next month. No groceries, no late night Taco Bell indulgences, and certainly no fancy restaurants (although this rule didn’t stop my dad and I from going to Costco and sampling all of the tasty foods, of course we did not buy anything, perhaps we rationalized the sampling though). Traditional food storage items such as spaghetti, potato pearls, and hot cocoa would be my family’s staples for the next month.

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3 Things to Consider during Economic Challenges

Raise your hand if you’ve never been affected by economic challenges. Notice the absence of digits in the air. Not one, in fact. That’s because monetary hardships touch everyone, either directly or at least indirectly.

Amid such circumstances, it’s easy to get rattled. Then worried or frustrated. And that’s when knee-jerk reactions often take place. But, how about getting pensive rather than defensive? Here are three things to consider during economic challenges: Continue reading “3 Things to Consider during Economic Challenges”

Why Preparedness is Important in Today’s World

Famous Americans such as Benjamin Franklin, George Washington and Abraham Lincoln are revered for their quotes about the value of preparation. It’s abundantly clear they understood the importance of prudent planning.

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5 Tips to Conduct Your Emergency Preparedness Inventory

Earthquakes. Hurricanes. Volcanic eruptions. Swarms of crop-killing pests.

Yes, these disasters do occasionally pop up as our friends on the East Coast know all too well. In the wake of Hurricane Sandy, the second costliest hurricane in U.S. history, we have all been reminded that it’s important to be ready for disaster. However, advocates (like all of us at Food Insurance) for emergency preparedness preach readiness in times of smaller emergencies. Continue reading “5 Tips to Conduct Your Emergency Preparedness Inventory”