Preparing for Another Hurricane Sandy

Mother Nature is a fickle, overbearing dame. Preventing her natural disasters is improbable, but managing her damage is possible — especially when leaders, organizations and individuals all pitch in.

That’s not to say it isn’t a daunting task. In 2012, Hurricane Sandy devastated Cuba, Jamaica and the northeastern United States. After viciously hitting the New Jersey and New York coastlines, Sandy’s effects caused more than 200 deaths and $71 billion of damage. Continue reading “Preparing for Another Hurricane Sandy”

5 Disasters to Prepare For

It was our first year in our newly constructed home, and because the neighborhood was still developing, our house sat at the very top of the hill. This was one of the biggest selling points for my family—a seemingly endless backyard that stretched all the way to the peak of the mountains. However, this selling point proved to be a disaster for our new house that first year. Continue reading “5 Disasters to Prepare For”

Organizing Your Community for Disaster Preparedness

Many people work on emergency preparedness in their own homes—having freeze-dried food, water storage, and emergency supplies. Some people put together entire disaster preparedness kits and plans, which is all fine and well. Nevertheless, suppose a person is well prepared in their own home, but their neighbors aren’t. On whose door will those unprepared neighbors be knocking for help? Hmm… let’s guess. Continue reading “Organizing Your Community for Disaster Preparedness”

15 Ways to Add Room to Your Budget

Many families find the financial costs of emergency preparedness do not fit into their budget. If all of your funds are already accounted for, it would be hard to create a little wiggle room for emergency supplies. However, if you’ve done your research, you’ll know that planning for an emergency should be on the list of priorities. Here are 15 suggestions for how to work around a tight budget to obtain critical emergency supplies.

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Continue reading “15 Ways to Add Room to Your Budget”

3 Things to Consider during Economic Challenges

Raise your hand if you’ve never been affected by economic challenges. Notice the absence of digits in the air. Not one, in fact. That’s because monetary hardships touch everyone, either directly or at least indirectly.

Amid such circumstances, it’s easy to get rattled. Then worried or frustrated. And that’s when knee-jerk reactions often take place. But, how about getting pensive rather than defensive? Here are three things to consider during economic challenges: Continue reading “3 Things to Consider during Economic Challenges”

Why Preparedness is Important in Today’s World

Famous Americans such as Benjamin Franklin, George Washington and Abraham Lincoln are revered for their quotes about the value of preparation. It’s abundantly clear they understood the importance of prudent planning.

But it’s 2013, not 1776 or 1865. The dust from those powdered wigs and Civil War cannons has settled. So, why is preparedness still so important in today’s world? Continue reading “Why Preparedness is Important in Today’s World”

Earthquake Preparation Tips

The biggest earthquake ever recorded in the U.S. was in 1964 in Prince William Sound, Alaska, registering at a devastating 9.2 on the Richter Scale. Unfortunately, Alaska, Hawaii, and the West Coast of the United States are highly susceptible to these ground-splitting tremors. These states can blame volcanic eruptions and the shifting of tectonic plates in the Pacific Ring of Fire for all that movement; yet, it’s important to note that the other states can experience earthquakes too. Continue reading “Earthquake Preparation Tips”