Chocolate Royale: The Ultimate Meal Replacement Shake

At Food Insurance™, we are dedicated to bringing you the best emergency food supplies available.  Recently we came across a new product that we are extremely excited about.  We would like to introduce the best tasting, most nutritious, and longest lasting meal replacement protein shake available.  It’s called Chocolate Royale:  The Ultimate Meal Replacement Shake.

Chocolate Royale contains 100% of your recommended daily vitamins and minerals. It also improves energy and metabolism.  Like all of our products, Chocolate Royale only requires water to prepare, and has a 25+ year shelf-life.

For a limited time, we are offering Chocolate Royale at an introductory price.  Through November 15, 2011, when you purchase Chocolate Royale along with any of our long-term food supplies, you’ll only pay $99.99 per case ($120 discount).

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  1. Does this now or will it come in other flavors besides chocolate? Thanks!



    Thanks for your comment. Currently we only offer chocolate, but could potentially offer more flavors in the future. If we do introduce new flavors, we’ll make sure to introduce them here on the blog.

    Food Insurance

  2. Is 144 calories a “Meal Replacement” ? Nutritionists say a minimum of 400 calories is considered a meal for a grown adult.

    If you read the preparation instructions, you will see that Chocolate Royale has different recommendations based on who is drinking it. For example, it recommends that men drink a double serving, which would come in at 288 calories.

    If you have any additional questions, please contact us at, or 1-866-946-8366.

    -Food Insurance

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