Complacency Can Be a Killer

While driving down a local road, I was sad to see that a long-time preparedness company had closed its doors and their store space was vacant with a “for lease” sign on the building.

As I did more research on this company and others, it was very evident that the preparedness industry has taken a real dive.  I’ve read many comments and blogs that reflect a real level of complacency and lack of concern by the previous customer base.

I wanted to share one such post regarding this issue by a concerned prepper, Frank101.

“My observation is that with the election of Trump, two odd things have happened:

1) 80% of conservatives completely stopped being attentive of world/economic conditions. In other words, the 250 trillion in U.S. liabilities does not bother them, NSA surveillance that has been ramped up during Trump is fine, the seriously overvalued stock market is now a good thing, the fragile situation in the middle east is not a concern, etc etc etc etc etc.

They’ve gone brain dead because they see Trump as their savior just as the left considered Obama to be theirs!  It’s laughable.

2) 90% of preppers are now sitting on their laurels because ‘all is well now Trump is here’.

Trump has done nothing truly substantial…..but not because he is ‘evil’ it’s because he CAN’T.

He’s only put new paint on a broken down vehicle.

Employment numbers mean nothing due to the fact that the majority of workers had to take lower paying jobs after 2008.

60% of those employed are making less than 15 bucks an hour.  It takes at least two people per household to pay the rent or mortgage… and they barely get by at that.

Personal and corporate debt are both at all-time highs! Higher than 2007!

It’s crazy how people have become pacified and dulled down to total ignorance because Trump is in.  His budget is just as bad as Obama’s was!  Idiot conservatives think that Trump can do no wrong!  Exactly as the left did with Obama!

The ship is still sinking at the same rate as it was during Obama and everyone is inside the galley eating cookies and smiling!


I don’t agree with everything Frank101 posted but I do believe there is some truth in what he says.  Indeed, ever since Trump was elected, the preparedness market has been heading down a dangerous slope.

I don’t believe in being a doom and gloom person, sitting on my front porch in a rocking chair with a shotgun across my lap waiting for the end to come.  I do however believe it’s important to be informed to help make the best decisions on how to provide for my family during difficult times.

A strong positive attitude based on “if ye are prepared, ye shall not fear” is also important.  I love the quote, ”Things will work out.  Keep working, praying and trying and things will work out, they always do.”

Unfortunately, it’s so easy to be complacent. To be confident or satisfied that all is well and all will be well. “It’s all good”, “chill out”, “no worries”.

A positive attitude is one thing, however complacency and letting your guard down is another. That way of thinking can be dangerous.

I know some people who are 100% optimistic, all the time, no matter what, to the extent that they’re seemingly not seeing reality. Rose colored glasses.


It’s good to have balance. A positive outlook along with a ‘wary eye’ on reality. If you keep a wary eye on something, you are cautious while watching to see what will happen or what could happen.


It seems to be human nature to wait until the last minute. Not everyone is afflicted with this, but there’s no doubt that most are. Waiting until the last minute is especially slipshod for those who see it coming but do little or nothing until “it” is upon them. That’s called procrastination.


In the context of preparedness, it’s easier to prepare for a crisis if we know that the process of getting there is going to be slow. That said, a crisis may come suddenly, unexpectedly.  It happens.

You might know or believe that a given crisis is indeed going to eventually happen but it’s going to be awhile before it hits. But then Wham! Out of nowhere ‘it’ happens. And you’re not prepared as you had planned to be.

The best and most valuable preparations are those you accomplish BEFORE crisis hits. There may be little you can do AFTER. Meaning, what you have may be all there is.

More than 35 years experience in the Preparedness Industry