Dual Purpose Preparedness: Camping/Emergency Kits

When putting together an emergency preparedness plan, many people are concerned about the storage space that will be required for their food and supplies.  We have been thinking of ways you can dual purpose your preparedness supplies.  One simple solution is to combine your camping supplies with your preparedness supplies.

When you think of all of the items that you need to take camping, the list is very similar to what you would want to have with you in an emergency. If you are forced to evacuate your home, your family will probably feel better about your situation if they are used to camping. By exposing your family to the great outdoors, you are not only having a good time, you are also teaching your family members how to live in a situation where there may not be any electricity or shelter.

As with any camping trip, the following items could be very helpful in your emergency kit:

  • A tent or tarp to use as shelter
  • A sleeping bag that can be used in sub-zero temperatures, thermal blankets are also great
  • Meals that require little to no preparation
  • A camp stove with fuel, and waterproof matches
  • A first aid kit and medicine
  • Extra clothing, particularly warm clothing
  • Water storage and filtration
  • Flashlights, lanterns, or other light sources
  • Toiletries, garbage bags, rope, a pocket knife, and other misc. things that may be specific to your family’s needs

Gather these items together and make up “camping kits” for each family member; most of the items can fit comfortably into a backpack. Each time your family goes camping, take and use the items inside of your pack. When you get home, you can easily replace the used items in the pack. By having your camping pack always ready, you are benefiting in two ways. First, your family is always ready for a spontaneous camping trip, and you won’t have to do all of the packing right before you go. Second, if any other crisis strikes, your bags are ready, and your family will take comfort in the fact that they are familiar with the camping packs and what is inside of them.

3 Replies to “Dual Purpose Preparedness: Camping/Emergency Kits”

  1. Zip lock bags are good for storage as they can condense down if you press the air out or suck it out with a straw…saves a lot of space. Be sure to get the kind that zips together, rather then the zip on top kind. And the freezer types are a lot more sturdy and will hold up better then the storage kind.

    You can also use those “space bags” to have clothing on hand to grab and go…you can put a lot of clothing in one, to save time and nerves if you are in a hurry to leave…it is all done for you ahead of time!

    Also Certified Pure Theraputic Grade Essential Oils can be used not only now but if you are unable to go to a doctor. These types of oils can be even taken internally, topically or breated in. They are packaged small and easy to grab and go!

  2. There are available, tiny little zip lock type bags e.g. 2×3, 3×4″ that can be used for separate seed storage or medications. I’ve also seen an article that says we can use our used prescription bottles (after well cleaned) for this.

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