First Aid Kits: What's The Point?



You can never be too prepared when it comes to medical emergencies. First Aid Kits are always a must. You never know when there may be the need for first aid. A simple scratch could turn fatal if not properly taken care of. Any emergency situation, whether you are dealing with floods, hurricanes, earthquakes, or other natural disasters, first aid is often part of the immediate reaction.

However, having first aid supplies goes beyond just the immediate aftermath. In the event of a disaster, first aid supplies may become scarce, meaning having a first aid kit ready to go may be a necessity in the aftermath of a disaster. Meaning, you should already have some type of first aid kit in your bug-out bag.

Fortunately, first aid kits are plentiful today and relatively cheap. You can get the things you need for them and just resupply as needed.

This has the advantage of preparing you for more than just what we typically think of as a disaster. We all get cuts, bruises, and scrapes from time to time. It is a normal part of life. If you have children around you, this becomes even more common as they are constantly getting minor injuries caused by running around and enjoying life.

Having a first aid kit, just for the normal flow of life, is critical. It would be wise to have it easily accessible and ready to use at all times. Say you cut your finger while preparing food. The last thing you want to do is bleed all over everything while you rifle through your stuff to find a first aid kit. It would be better to have first aid supplies ready and in the kitchen to help you get the problem remedied.

In addition to having a first aid kit, be sure to know how to use it. Do you know how to clean out a wound so you’re sure it won’t become infected? Can you deal with other minor bumps and bruises? What kinds of medicine (Ibuprofen, Tylenol, etc.) are appropriate for which circumstances?

Today, the internet has the answers to those questions readily available for you. However, in the event of an emergency, you may not have internet access. Even if you do, it is hard to tell someone to sit still and not bleed too much while you look online to figure out how to handle a simple issue.

Simply put, it is better to have the resources and the knowledge ready and accessible so that you can be prepared in the event of a major disaster or emergency.

Similar to getting that first extra weeks’ worth of food, getting a first aid kit is nice because it doesn’t really cost much extra money. Instead, you are purchasing something you will most assuredly need in advance.

Once you purchase a kit and have a list of items you need, you can simply purchase in bulk and replenish supplies as you need them. Doing so will make sure you get good prices and are always ready in the event of a need.

It is also advisable to print out different treatments that are common in case you happen to forget how to treat a wound in an emergency. Thanks to CPR Select, below is an infographic about 7 Outdoor First Aid Myths.


Seven Outdoor First Aid Myths by CPR Select

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