Freeze-Dried Foods – What A Plus!

Food. We like to enjoy it, in all its varieties. We like it tasty, fresh, and filling – and even better when it’s easy to make. Yet, sometimes the easy part can compromise the tasty, fresh and filling part. So, what’s the answer? What’s our best option? What are the best foods to have in case of an emergency?

Freeze-dried foods. Seriously, I know what you’re thinking. When we think of freeze-dried, we might think about long ago when it really wasn’t so great. Fast forward to today and we find a huge selection of tasty, fresh, and filling food that is healthy – and easy to prepare.

Freeze-drying began because of World War II when soldiers needed supplies in the field. Since then, we have improved the taste and selection enormously. And, remember that freeze-dried is not frozen, dehydrated, or canned. It’s better!

Frozen foods require cool or cold storage locations. Dehydrated and canned foods lose flavor, texture and nutritional content. Freeze-drying is the best of both worlds. The food stays fresh, keeps its color and aroma, and sits happily on any shelf as long-term food (with a shelf life ranging from 7 – 25+ years) without compromising nutrition or taste.

Sounds like magic, right? So, how’s it done? Fresh or cooked foods are flash frozen at about -50 degrees Fahrenheit. 98 percent of the moisture is taken out and the food is sealed for freshness – to keep moisture and oxygen out. When water is mixed with the food later, it still has its same flavor, aroma and appearance.

Let’s sum it up. Freeze-dried food rocks because:

+      It’s safe. Freeze-drying creates an environment that makes it impossible for bacteria to live and grow.

+      It’s easy. Simply add water and the food is ready.

+      It’s varied. From pasta and meat, to fruits and veggies and dairy—it can all be freeze-dried.

+      It lasts. The shelf life can be up to 25 years and sometimes more.

+      It stores really well. Room temperature, a bit cooler, or a bit warmer—it all works.

+      It’s tasty. Just as great as when it’s sealed up.

+      It’s nutritious. Keeps its original vitamins and minerals.

+      It’s affordable. At Food Insurance®, we keep the price reasonable.

Food. We know it’s essential. Can’t live without it. However, we’re used to being able to run to the store and pick it up any time – in all its variety. But, what about the times when we can’t get to the store? Or, when the store doesn’t have the food? Obviously that’s when we need our emergency food. And, the most valuable part of emergency food essentials is freeze-dried food. It’s even great in 72-hour kits or emergency food kits as an excellent on-the-go survival food. It gives us the security we want for any emergency or disaster situation – or an easy, quick, tasty meal!

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