Freeze Dried Vs. Fresh (Video)

Did you know that freeze dried fruits, vegetables, and meats can be substituted for fresh ingredients in your favorite recipes?  Over our 50+ years of freeze drying experience, we have perfected the process to the point where, in all likelihood,  your family or guests won’t even be able to tell that your ingredients are freeze dried. The taste, texture, and consistency are really that good.

To prove this point, Tim from marketing decided to do a taste test without telling anyone in the office. He made two different raspberry jams, one with some fresh raspberries from his garden, and one with our freeze dried raspberries. He brought a toaster, some bread, and the two jams to the office to see which one everyone liked better.  Best of all, he made sure to film everyone’s reactions.

When it comes to deciphering what is freeze dried and what isn’t, it’s not likely you’ll find a staff that’s more qualified that our own.  As a freeze dry manufacturer, we are constantly taste testing new products.  From watching the video, you’ll see that most of our team members couldn’t tell which jam was which.  On top of that, most of the office preferred the freeze dried jam rather than the fresh jam (which may or may not have hurt Tim’s feelings).

What do you think of this experiment? Have you tried anything like this? We’d love to see your freeze dried vs fresh taste tests at home. Send us a video link and we’ll gladly share it!

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  1. Awesome! I never knew you could use freeze dried raspberries for jam!! I can’t post a video of making it myself. Being disabled I have HUGE medical bills. I am an American citizen that speaks English & worked hard all my life so I kind of got screwed. I receive less help for my incurable disease than someone who just showed up in this country, non-English speaking, getting free housing, school, food, medical et cet. So, I cannot afford a digital video camera or video phone. I am however interested in prepping for emergencies. Be it weather related or terrorist attack. I would like any info you can send. Also, thanks for the jam making video. Do you think it can also be done with oranges? I like marmalade. I just don’t know how well oranges would freeze to until I am physically capable of making it. Thanks again.

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