Prepare for Disaster with This Fun Summer Activity

Survivalist couple engaged in a fun summer activity involving prepared food, emergency equipment, and the great outdoors.Summer is great for vacationing, lounging on the beach, swimming, and jogging outside. But it’s also a great season for something else that not many people think of – preparing for disaster.

Summer and disaster. The two words don’t go together so well. In fact, they seem like complete opposites. But this is exactly what makes summer prepping so attractive. Due to the lack of harsh, cold weather and the blooming environment, summer is great for entry-level “disaster trainers.” Warm-weather preparedness activities can be really fun, too. Almost like camping.

But how do you prepare for disaster? Where do you go and what do you need?

Well, first, let’s explain what disaster means. At, we view disaster as an external situation. It’s not something that happens to you because when you have emergency food and equipment like that offered by, you have the necessary tools and food to keep disaster at bay. In other words, disaster may be occurring around you, but it will not cause disastrous circumstances for you (if you have what you need).

This is why preparing for disaster with emergency food and equipment during the summer can be fun – because you have what you need, plus it’s summertime!

With that said, let’s start preparing your “summer disaster training trip.”

Where You Will Want to Go

Assuming this is your first time doing your own disaster training trip, you will want to go somewhere that you’re familiar with. Preferably somewhere woodsy where you have access to a pond or river for water.

You also don’t want to be too close to civilization. A location close to civilization will detract from the real-world quality of your training trip.

If you do choose to take your trip to somewhere you’re unfamiliar with, make sure you have paper maps of the area. Without these, your training could turn into a real world disaster if you get lost.

Wherever you end up going, make sure to turn your smartphones and other electronic devices off. It’s good to have them in case of an actual emergency, but during a real disaster, it’s assumed that technological devices hold no value.

What You Will Want to Have

Quite simply, you’re going to want to have the three basic essentials: food, water, and shelter. You will also want to start your trip with these essentials – not find them along the way. Starting your trip without any supplies would force you to live off the land, and living off the land is an advanced survival skill that you probably don’t have yet. So make sure you start your trip with the essentials listed below


Having food with vital nutrients is key. With a variety of nutrient-rich food that doesn’t spoil, you will have the energy needed to travel. You will also be able to avoid hunting and gathering.

At, we have “bug-out bags” stashed with nutritious, freeze-dried food that will keep you filled for 2 weeks.


You will want to start your trip with water bricks full of water and a water filter for when your initial water supply runs low (to filter water from the land). If you picked a location that’s not near a fresh source of water, you will either have to start out with a greater water supply or limit the duration of your disaster training trip.


All you will need is a standard tent, but if you’re skilled at building your own shelter from outdoor elements, you can leave the tent at home and take advantage of your shelter-building skills.

This disaster training trip isn’t your typical summer trip, but it will pay off in spades in the wake of disaster. It will also get you acquainted with some of the amazing food and products from

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