How Much Should I Budget for Food Storage?

Does storing food for an emergency seem a bit overwhelming? Or complicated? Or burdensome? Or financially draining? Well, truthfully, taken in its entirety and all at once, it can seem difficult.

But, with the help of some excellent resources, food storage can be broken down into manageable little parts and become doable.  So, let’s take one of those bite-sized bits and talk. The question is what’s enough? How much is it too little? How much is it too much? We want our emergency food supply to be like Goldilocks’ porridge – just right!

And the answer is, it depends. Food storage depends on family size, whether the supply is meant to be long term or short term, and on the number and size of meals expected per day. So, it takes some decisions to determine what our preferences are.

Short Term Food vs. Long Term Food 

Let’s start at the minimum. To start, plan a three-day food storage supply. For a family of five, each having two average-size meals a day, 30 meals would be the right number.

Once we’ve got three days’ of food stored away, let’s try for a month and then three months – the short-term amounts. And, finally, long-term food should be stored for a full year, ideally. For these higher amounts, a food calculator or food storage guidelines are ideal.

Crunching the Numbers

For example, for three months, the same family of five would need:

  • 632 meals at two meals a day (A 632-meal plan with prepackaged food would cost about $1800)
  • 948 at three meals a day (A 948-meal plan would cost about $2900)

A family could meet a three-month storage plan in six months by setting aside about $350 a month. Or in a year, by setting aside about $125 a month. Bite-sized. Let’s remember to take it by the mouth full.

And, consider that in order for food to last in storage for its necessary time (long-term food) it needs to be packaged, stored, and utilized appropriately.

Finally, remember that you don’t have to do it alone! Companies like Food Insurance® change all the stress into food storage made easy! So, let’s go get ‘er done!

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  1. Food insurance? I’m sure this is the first time I have read about this. Buy, this might be worth the try. We can never tell when a disaster will strike and being prepared is the only thing that we can save ourselves and our family.

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