How Prepared Are You?

At Food Insurance, we are frequently asked, “How prepared do I need to be?” While the answer to this question is personal and will vary for every situation, it is definitely something worth considering.

Recently, we found a great post on Pinterest that addresses several areas of preparation and will help you gauge where your family is prepared and where your family needs to focus on becoming better prepared.   The data in the infographic comes for a 2013 study by the United States Census Bureau.  You can find the original source .pdf file here.

Before reviewing the infographic, ask yourself the following questions to see how your preparedness level stacks up with the rest of the country.

– Do you have at least three gallons of water stored for each person in your household?

– Do you have three days worth of non-perishable food for each person in your household?

– Do you have prepared evacuation kit(s) for your household?

– Do you have an emergency meeting location?

– Do you have a communication plan that includes the disruption of cell phone service?

– Do you have an evacuation vehicle that can take all household members and supplies at least 50 miles away?

– Do you have on-hand cash resources to meet expenses up to $2000 readily available?

– Is your house number clearly visible for emergency responders?

– Do you have an alternative source of power like a generator?

– Do you have access to all your financial information, including: bank accounts, credit card accounts, mortgages, loans, life insurance policies, retirement policies, etc.?

How did you score?  Compare your responses to the rest of the country below.


Measuring America: How Ready Are We?




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