Make Preparedness Your New Year's Resolution

At Food Insurance™, we are dedicated to providing you with the best, most relevant information to get your family prepared.  We would like to help start out the new year by giving you a list of essentials that every family should have on hand.

Preparedness Essentials:
1. Clean Water
      – 1 gallon per person per day, 3-day minimum
      – portable water filter

2. Emergency Food Supply
      – minimum: 72-hours per person
      – recommended: 2-weeks per person

3. Emergency Supplies
      – first aid kit
      – radio (battery or crank operated)
      – multi-purpose utility tool
      – flashlight
      – portable cooking stove

4. Family Disaster Plan
      – meeting place outside of your home
      – out-of-state check-in contact
      – temporary shelter (tents or camper)
      – blankets, sleeping bags

Food Insurance™ recommends every family take a few hours in January to put together a basic emergency preparedness plan.  Food Insurance™ has a variety of products to help you get started.  Click here to view our water supplies.  Click here to view our food supplies.  Click here to view our emergency and cooking supplies.

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