Olympus Falls: As Detroit is, The U.S.A. May Become


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Many people take comfort in the fact that the United States is a super power.  They lean on the faith that this economy and this great nation will always be around to support them.  The sad truth is that this great nation could always survive if it weren’t for the degradation of our moral fiber. Because of our goodness and good will, we have grown into the world superpower.  But, now that we are the superpower, we are turning into a nation of entitlement and greed.

This is the same entitlement and greed that rotted Detroit from the inside out, much like what is happening throughout the United States today.  Detroit used to be a super power.  It used to be the fourth largest city in the United States with one of the biggest and most thriving economies.  But, once the United States auto industry collapsed in 2009, Detroit collapsed right along with it.  In a matter of only a few years, more than half of Detroit became ruins.

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Few people believe that this nation can fall, however I’m sure that nobody would have predicted the state that Detroit is currently in.  Crime and degradation is through the roof.


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What can you do? 

  1. 1.   Be a Good Person: You only have so much power.  Make the most out of what you have around you.  Attempt to stay positive and motivated, otherwise a collapse will happen faster, especially in your world. Live in the moment today, and do what you can do.  While a collapse may be eminent, that doesn’t mean that you can’t live each day to the fullest and enrich the lives of those around you.
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2.   Work Hard and Be Honest:  Because more and more people feel entitled, they don’t want to work.  Therefore, they are often forced into lies in order to survive.  Do your best to stay active and involved in your community.


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3.   Prepare for the Worst: How prepared are you?  Are you sitting in your house hoping the economy will survive and that things will prosper, much like they did in Detroit?  PREPARE! PREPARE! PREPARE!  The people of Detroit had somewhere to run to.  However, if this episode plays out across the nation, there will be no hiding place other than what you have prepared yourself, and what the others who have prepared are able to offer.  Things are still good enough to prepare with.  DON’T WAIT!  It won’t get any easier as times go on.

a.   Get Food Storage: At the very minimum of 3 months supply.

b.   Get Water: 3 months supply

c.    Get Every Needful Thing: Heat supply, tent, flashlights, matches, toilet paper, tampons, soap.  The list could be endless.

Remember, Time is of the Essence.


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