Organized Emergency Preparedness

To keep my food storage organized, I keep an itemized list on a clipboard (a notebook will work) of all food items by product, size, type of container, description, expiration date, and number of servings on hand.


Sugar 5 lbs Bag White, granulated 2015 111111111111
Canned Tomatoes 14.5 oz Cans Cooked and diced 2016 1111111
Lasagna #10 Cans Freeze-dried 2037 1111

I also created a spreadsheet on my computer that I can print out.  Using a pencil, I keep count by listing the number 1 (or hash marks as some may know them) for each container.  Then, when I use one, I erase one digit.  As I purchase more, I add more digits.  This informs me of what I have, how many of each item, and if there are foods I need to use because expiration date is near or passed.

With a little advanced preparation, keeping your food storage organized is easy to do.

Contributed by Betty L., a Food Insurance™ Guest Author

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