Preparing for a Family – A Father's Perspective

I have a major responsibility; my wife and children.  They have to have food, shelter, and water.

I started really considering the logistics of how to evacuate the Tampa area in case of a hurricane.  What do I need, and how much?  My search led me to the Food Insurance™ website and I liked the emergency backpacks.

I sat down and analyzed my needs: three kids (fourteen, five, three), my wife, and myself.  I came up with some shocking numbers for someone who does NOT know about survival and logistics.

Up to 12 liters a day in water alone. That is 12 X 2.2lbs per liter – 26 pounds of water.  Up to 15000 calories a day.
**(Note, this can be rationed down for me, but not for the youngest kids, they are skinny enough) **

The Essentials kit weighs 21 lbs. and would last all of us for about 4 days.  I notice that although the Essentials kit does have a cooking store and matches, it does not include emergency fire making gear.  That is an essential need in my opinion.

Below are the items I want to have on a daily basis, so I have added them to my Essentials kits for each family member.
Three year old
– one liter of water
– 1200 calories of three year old food
– diapers
– wipes
– milk

Five year old
– 1.5 liters of water
– 1500 to 1800 calories
– clothes
– milk
– vitamins

14 year old
– two to three liters (call it three for heavy exercise or lots of movement
– 2000 to 4000 calories
– clothes
– milk
– vitamins
– protein

– three liters a day
– 2000 calories
– clothes
– monthly supplies

– three to five liters a day (depending on the output level and environment)
– 4000 to 6000 calories
– vitamins
– protein bars
– clothes
– ammo

I have also added the following supplies for the family:

– Firesticks (self-igniting starters )
– More matches
– Instant potatoes in individual packages
– Ammo in select pouches
– Vacuum sealed toilet paper
– Camp washes
– Camp stove cooking material
– 4 knives
– Filet knife
– Knife sharpener
– Water bladders
– Forks and knives
– Trash bags
– Ziplock bags
– GRMS radios that pickup emergency and weather alerts
– Two flashlights per bag
– Extra batteries for the lights
– Chem sticks

If you want to know why you need an emergency kit, look at New York or Baton Rouge.  Look at what happens when you DON’T have one.  I know, I know fear mongering.  Yes, I fear that my children will go, ” Daddy I am thirsty!” and no clean water will be available.

What other items have you added to your kits?

Submitted by David S. – Tampa, FL.
Food Insurance™ Guest Author

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