Preparing Your Own Food Storage

I decided to try out preparing my own food storage.   I started with eggs, jerky, sugar, flour and oatmeal.

For the eggs, I started with 36 eggs, added salt, pepper, and milk and mixed with a blender.  I then took two large pans and cooked the eggs.  I put the cooked eggs in the dehydrator and left them for 12 hours (which may have been too long).

For the the jerky, I placed the cut strips of beef roast overnight in a marinade made of seasonings and vinegar. I then put the marinated beef in the dehydrator for 18 hours.

Food dehydrator

I then vacuum sealed the eggs, jerky and the rest of the items (sugar, flour, & oatmeal).  The intent is to make sure the food isn’t exposed to water or air.  I plan on continuing to experimenting until there is no time left to prepare… Which I hope never happens.

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Contributed by Rob W.
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    1. Great question Diane. You could certainly do something like this on your own, but it would reduce the shelf-life of the food substantially.

      Freeze-dried food stored in mylar pouches by the manufacture only have a 7-10 year shelf-life, down from the 25+ years you get with cans. If you were to do it on your own at home, the shelf-life would likely be much less than the 7-10 years because the food would be exposed to oxygen and possibly moisture when moving it from the can to the pouches.

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