Reasons Why People Don't Prepare

Why do people not think about emergency preparedness? Emergency preparedness is meant to cover every possibility, from power outages to unemployment to every single natural disaster that could strike. Not a single person or family is immune to these calamities, but only a select few prepare for what might come. Why is that?

I have come up with two possible explanations as to why people, including myself, have not worried about possible disasters.

First: Living in a prosperous country like the United States, we believe we are immune. Sure, we may get the occasional earthquake or tropical storm, but do we really believe those events could really interrupt the flow of food to our grocery stores? Or that someone wouldn’t come to turn our power on as soon as possible? Other than the freak occurrence of Hurricane Katrina, which was like something out of a bad science fiction movie to the majority of the country that wasn’t affected, devastating natural disasters only happen in poorer countries, right?

Wrong. Catastrophe could strike any where, any time. Any number of incidents – including inclement weather, car accidents, construction accidents, etc. – could knock out your power or water supply, leaving you in the dark without sanitary water for days. While we are lucky to live in a country that does have so many good resources, disasters can occur anywhere, and nothing could come fast enough to keep you from being inconvenienced.

Second: Emergency preparedness is for fanatics who believe in an apocalypse. Who has the time, money, or space to buy a dehydrator or learn how to can food or to have a “home grocery store”? Isn’t it depressing to be a survivalist and believe that you will be fighting off your neighbors for the only available food? Do we really believe that TEOTWAWKI (The End Of The World As We Know It) could actually happen?

The answer is that emergency preparedness is not reserved solely for intense preparers. Emergency preparedness experts recommend starting out your preparations gradually. You do not have to dive right into the deep end. Instead of making yourself broke over a year’s worth of food for your entire family at once, start out with one extra week. You do not need an extra basement room for your “home grocery store” – you can shove it all under your bed. Many types of emergency preparedness also overlap with camping skills, such as learning how to make a fire or home stove. In fact, if you know how to camp in a tent and make your own food, you’re already part way there.

You don’t have to believe in a Zombie invasion to begin to protect your family. Preparedness could be as simple as making sure that when the power goes out for a full day, you still have a delicious meal to eat, candles and flashlights to see by, and a way to entertain yourself without electronics.

Being prepared is something that every responsible adult should be concerned with.  Get started today, at your own pace within your own resources.


Contributed by Ally G.
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8 Replies to “Reasons Why People Don't Prepare”

  1. My husband and I have talked about being prepared for an emergency. I started looking into MREs, and was surprised at their short shelf life. Then he mentioned this website. I did my homework, researching and reading customer’s reviews. The longer shelf life and endorsement by Sean Hannity (who we love!) and Glen Beck sealed the deal for us. We are glad to be prepared and hope and pray that we will never need it. Thanks

  2. i have a money issue i have to feed my people now and do not have thousands to spend on food this way. i end up with maybe 125 dollars a month over i could spend.

  3. The reason we can’t stockpile is because we can’t affort to. We have to do it one can at a time rght now. I would love to be able to ramp it up but we don’t have the money to.

    1. Kathi,

      The financial toll is a common concern among those who want to prepare. Although one can at a time may not seem like much now, it will quickly grow to be a substantial supply. Keep working at it, and you’ll be able to achieve your preparedness goals.

      -Food Insurance

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