Ten Items to Stock Up On

In an emergency, certain items become scarce. People aren’t going to be flocking to stores in search of luxury items; they will be hunting for basic survival needs (think Maslow’s hierarchy). Because many people don’t have a supply ready and expect the government to come to their aid, a chaotic situation may erupt in the aftermath of a disaster. Preparing now will ensure your family’s security in a time of crisis.

Here is a list of 10 preparation items to consider having:

1. Food and Water: All non-perishable and survival type food will be in very high demand for obvious reasons. Even after you feel like you have enough for your family, more can always be added so that you have enough to share or barter if needed.

2. Camp Stoves and Fuel: Any type of fuel will become invaluable in a crisis where power is lost for an extended period of time. Camp stoves can be used to prepare food, boil water, and as a heat source.

3. Hygiene Products: Soap, detergent, sanitizer, clean clothing, etc. will go a long way in providing comfort and lifting spirits in a crisis. Even though humans can live in filth for a time, illness and depression will likely ensue after extended periods of living in these conditions.

4. Portable Shelter: Many families have tents and sleeping bags stored away. Make sure these items are readily available in the event that your home is no longer safe for habitation. Campers, tent trailers, and RV’s are ideal for these types of scenarios, but are not practical for everyone based on cost and storage requirements.

5. Light Sources: Flashlights, lanterns, and any other independent light sources will become important if the electricity supply to your home is shut off. During an extended “blackout”, light sources quickly move from being a novelty to a necessity.

6. Hand Powered Grain Grinders, Can Openers, and Egg Beaters: Any small kitchen appliance that doesn’t need electricity will be a valuable asset in an emergency. Because your food supply will most likely need some form of preparation (even if it is just opening a can), take into consideration all of the types of food that you have, and plan accordingly.

7. First Aid Books and Supplies: During an emergency, there will almost always be injuries. Make sure that you have more than enough of the supplies that can be used to care for any type of injury. After a major disaster, it may be several hours or even days before medical crews can attend to your needs. Because of this, having supplies readily available is extremely important for all families.

8. Baby Supplies (or supplies for young children): Babies and young children have special dietary needs, hygiene needs, and comfort needs. Make sure to be well prepared for every member of your family.

9. Generators: This is the ultimate way to prepare for any sort of power outage. Generators ensure that you’ll be able to enjoy all of your modern conveniences without relying on someone else.

10. Self-Defense and Hunting Equipment: In any sort of panic situation, it is always better to be safe than sorry. Your family’s safety is your top priority in any situation, and being able to protect your means of providing for them may be necessary after a major disaster. Additionally, if your food supply runs low, having the ability to hunt for food could be a life saver.

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  1. This is a really good article, especially in light of what has been going on over the last few weeks with the wildfires and windstorms. I am sure that those who were prepared with some of these items didn’t regret it!
    P.S. I think it is awesome that you are accepting guest posts!

  2. Have you checked out the connaiter store? They have different types of storage ideas that might help. Also Ikea is another good place to check. You have to put it together but it’s work it.

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