The Benefits of Freeze-Dried Food

During a natural disaster or other emergency situation, you probably won’t have power or running water. And, who knows how long this could last. If this happens, do you have an emergency plan that will ensure that you and your family can still eat? Having emergency water and an emergency food supply is the best plan of action you can have in these situations.

If your food insurance plan includes bulk-amounts of freeze-dried food, your family will be set. Freeze-dried food doesn’t require any cooking to eat. All you need is a supply of clean water to rehydrate the foods so everyone can eat healthy foods during an emergency. As long as you plan your food storage properly, your family will have access to the five food groups. This will ensure that your food storage provides the essentials needed to stay healthy and keep your energy levels high.

Benefits of Buying Bulk Freeze-Dried Food

There are numerous benefits to creating a food storage filled with bulk freeze-dried foods. Here are some of the advantages of having a bulk supply in the event of an emergency:

      • Long Shelf-Life – Unlike many other foods in your pantry, refrigerator and freezer, freeze-dried foods have a very long shelf-life. They take many, many years to perish. There are some food storage kits that are designed to last at least 25 years.
      • Disaster Preparedness – No one can predict when a natural disaster will strike. Therefore, there’s no way to know for sure how long one will last. You could be without power and water for hours, days, even weeks. Bulk freeze-dried food kits contain enough tasty foods to last days, weeks, months, even a year.
      • Variety – You and your family would be bored out of your minds if you have to eat the same things every day for weeks. That’s why Food Insurance has created long-term food storage kits with wide varieties of food. They contain various breakfast foods, dinner meals, individual grains, proteins, dairy products, juices, vegetables, fruits and snacks.

Be Prepared with Food Insurance™

There are so many types of disasters. Some require that you and your family evacuate your home. Others require that you remain inside your home. Buying bulk freeze-dried food ensures that you are prepared either way. The average individual has less than one week of food inside his/her home. These are the people who won’t be prepared if a major disaster struck tomorrow.

Don’t take chances with you and your family’s survival. Be prepared for any natural disaster or other emergency by using bulk freeze dried-food for your food insurance plan.

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