Water Storage Options

The single most important resource in order to stay alive is water.  This means that you need to be fully equipped and prepared in regards to water if you are to survive during any emergency.

Water ContainersThis is the most basic, and maybe the most effective way to store water.  There are many different containers in which you can store your water.  You can just stick with the classic way and store it in your extra soda and water bottles that you have around the house.  The more effective and safer way is to buy actual water containers at a store.  Whatever route you choose, storing water in basic containers is a great way to have water during any emergency.

Water Treatment Pills and Drops- The purpose of water pills and drops are to kill the bacteria in the water, and if you plan on storing them after, to increase storage usage time.  These tools can be useful before and after emergency situations.  You can use these to help the water that you have stored in your water containers. Also, it is a good idea to have some water pills and/or drops in your storage that you can use in the moment during an emergency in order to clean your water and make it drinkable.

Water Filters There are many different types of water filters, and most of them are very effective.  Water filters do exactly what they say in their name, they filter out harmful and destructive bacteria or contaminates from your water.  The best type of water filter for emergency situations may be filters that come inside of water bottles. These can easily be stored and can be used with most any water sources. If you have a few of these bottles, you and your family will be able to drink clean water in almost any situation.

Finding Water- This is a skill and ability that not many people have.  This can depend on what region you live in and what your surroundings are. You should do some research about your area and see where you can find water for you and your family. Also, if you feel like you have time and are able, you can go online and learn how to find water in any situation and in any area.

Boiling Water- This is a great way to get your water clean and usable.  If you can find a source of water, you can then boil it and almost always get rid of the bacteria that can harm you and your family.  Boiling water can be used to store and drink, or can be used for cooking. When considering this option, though, you need to think about the other materials and skills you will need.  It would be wise to know how to start and keep a fire going. Also, you need to have the correct pots that can be used to boil over an open fire.

Water is the most important part of any emergency preparedness plan.  Whatever routes you want to take to ensure you have water is okay, as long as you have sufficient.

Contributed by Luke S.
A Food Insurance™ Guest Author

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  1. I agree that water is very important. I have found that small container of water work the best for storing water. After being without power several times last winter, having an easy way to access my stored water is very important. I have not tried treating my water. The treatments seem too expensive for what they are worth. Water from my own well is pretty cheap to replace. I appreciate your comments.

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