What Should my Emergency First Aid Kit Include?

You’re no dummy. You know what a first aid kit is — and that it might just save your life during a natural disaster or emergency.

But it’s not always easy to know what should go in a first aid kit. Determining what fits your emergency preparedness needs is a task best addressed sooner, not later. There are plenty of items to consider for your first aid kit. Here are several you can’t go wrong with:

Antibiotic ointment, sterile wound dressings and adhesive tape — When wounds aren’t adequately tended to, their impact can be devastating—especially when emergency items and clean water are scarce during a natural disaster or emergency.

Scissors — This may sound a bit silly, until you think about all the things that need to be cut or opened. Now picture yourself in a high-pressure situation, and your only viable replacement for scissors is to frantically tear at something with your teeth or hands.

Sterile eyewash — In the event that something toxic or even highly irritating gets into your eyes, you’ll need to flush it out — and fast. Without clear sight, it will be really difficult to handle other emergency-related tasks as they arise.

Prescription medications — If you or someone in your family requires medication for a specific condition, it’s imperative to have some stowed away. And don’t forget to regularly restock the supply as expiration dates come and go.

Petroleum jelly —Petroleum jelly is underrated as an emergency supply. It can hydrate the skin, heal chapped lips and help start a fire. 

Latex gloves — You’ll have lots and lots to do during an emergency and especially during the aftermath. Protecting your hands from various substances should be a top priority.

Waterproof flashlight with charged batteries — The rest of your first aid kit will be rendered ineffective without precious light. You can’t accomplish anything without it.

A first aid kit. Survival foods. Your wits. You likely will need all these things and others to survive a not-so-ordinary, completely unexpected situation or natural disaster.

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