Why Nutrition is Important for Food Storage

Good nutrition is an essential factor to help keeping you healthy and active. When a disaster happens, many forget that a main part of staying alive is eating nutritious food and drinking water. Having poor nutrition can impair our wellbeing and cause our bodies to slow affecting our ability to problem solve, our overall alertness, and muscle response time. These are vital abilities needed to survive a disaster.


When choosing food storage, it is important to choose food with a good nutritional value. It is important to remember that each person should have at least 1000 calories a day with meals that are well-balanced and nutritious. Be sure to include vitamin, mineral, and protein supplements in your food storage to help keep the balance in your meal. Also, make sure there is enough water to hydrate each member of your group.

If you need help finding nutritious and well-balanced long-term food storage, here is a list of our new long-term meal plans to help keep you and your group healthy and safe:



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